Feminist Spotlight: The First Ladies – Different Women Supporting Each Other

First ladies Michelle Obama Laura Bush Africa

Article: “Michelle Obama, Laura Bush joke about ‘prison’ of White House


Although Michelle Obama and Laura Bush certainly represent different perspectives in politics, they have decided to focus on their shared experiences in an effort to empower First Ladies around the world (and probably just to be happier). As the title of the article suggests, the White House can be like a prison for a First Lady, making her feel alone in her battles. However, Michelle Obama and Laura Bush realized how unnecessary this feeling is, given that there are several other women around the world who have lived or are living this very experience.

By supporting each other in achieving their goals, they will each be in a better position to impact their communities. This is a bold decision, requiring each member to appreciate their differences and trust in their good intentions – a lesson anyone in politics should learn. For this reason, Laura Bush and Michelle Obama are well deserving of the Happy Feminism Spotlight.


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