The Fake Woman Complex


I’m sure you’re well aware of the Dove campaign designed to foster self-love by presenting real women you can identify with, from freckles to wrinkles. It’s in general a very nice idea. However, I have an issue with this particular campaign claiming “real women have real curves” unlike the size 2 supermodels mentioned in the ad. While it’s true many women do have luxurious curves, some women – some real women – do not.

Each person has a natural weight her body gravitates toward. For some this is heavier than others. As a result, some people maintain a lower weight with relative ease, while others find it easier to maintain a much higher weight. Where someone falls in this spectrum is completely immaterial so long as she is healthy (which is possible even for size 2 models).

By creating this “fake woman complex,” in which only those with substantial curves are allowed to feel like a woman, you aren’t helping anyone. Confidence comes from within, so belittling another figure will bring you no comfort with your own. Its only potential is in damaging another woman’s confidence.

Luckily, beauty is an abundant resource. One woman’s beauty does in no way challenge the existence of your own.  Further, since everyone has different preferences, there’s no use trying to be “the fairest of them all.”  To help nourish a healthy sense of beauty, I have decided to end this post a bit unconventionally.

Choose Your Own Adventure: Are you ready to celebrate a diversity of beauty, including your own?



Go to a burlesque show. I promise you won’t regret it.


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