Is Your Work Schedule Gender-Equal?

man works and dad

People are always talking about how times have changed. Women can pursue their careers without sacrificing motherhood. However, looking at the typical work schedule, it’s clear the average workplace isn’t ready for this kind of equality.

Most full-time workers are expected to follow a strict 9-5 work schedule Mondays through Fridays, making it very difficult for both parents to work full-time. Since women are paid an average of 77 cents for every dollar men are paid, the logical decision for most couples is for the woman to reduce her hours to part-time or none at all. As a result, her professional dreams suffer dramatically.

Fortunately, there are several, more progressive businesses seeking to remedy this problem. By creating flexibility in which hours and days full-time employees can work, it is possible for their employees, male and female, to better balance their work and personal responsibilities. Parents can determine a schedule in which one works earlier so that s/he can pick-up their kids from school while the other parent goes in a bit later so that s/he can bring the kids to school. To make this possibility even more feasible, business can also allow the possibility to work from home. This option is especially important during breaks in the school year and for parents of young children. In this environment, both work and household duties are shared responsibilities, allowing each individual to pursue each of his/her goals.

Hopefully, this flexibility will soon become the norm rather than a noteworthy quirk. Until then, check out the Working Mother‘s 100 Best Companies for a list of some of the most adaptable companies to work for (too bad it’s not called “working parent”).


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