It’s YouTube Geek Week: Women Empowerment


It’s YouTube’s Geek Week, so I thought it would be a great opportunity to geek out on videos empowering women (or just people in general). While none of these videos will probably show up in the official Geek Week lineup, I think each of these imparts valuable lessons for developing ourselves both professionally and personally.

Positive Self-Image: Evolution of Beauty – Dove Campaign for Real Beauty

Beauty has become such an obsession in this culture largely because no one can ever fully meet the standards we’ve set. The women featured in magazines, who we use as a benchmark for beauty, don’t exist. Their beauty is a mixture of real features and computer editing that even models can’t meet. If we know that the images in the media aren’t real, it is easier for us to identify healthy senses of self that are less based on our bodies.

Gratitude: Jessica’s Daily Affirmation

Gratitude is one of the most important factors to happiness and developing strong relationships both professionally and personally. “Jessica’s ‘Daily Affirmation'” is a delightful reminder of the little things that will hopefully inspire you to bring gratitude to all your interactions.

Confidence: Amy Cuddly: Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

Unlike the spoken word, body language is innate. It is something we do no matter where we are born and without being taught. However, we spend very little time focusing on developing our body language communication skills. This is something Amy Cuddly believes should change. Even with minor tweaks, we can greatly improve our opportunities.


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