“Same Love” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

This song is such a strong reminder of what it means to be human. We’ve separated ourselves into numerous different categories: by race, disability, gender, etc. However, the more we learn the more we realize how arbitrary these categories really are. Racial categorization varies depending on locations; disability status fails to recognize ability; and gender is only based on stereotypes. This is poignantly evident in Maklemore’s young concerns about his sexuality – all based on stereotypes.

Some people might not understand how this song, told from a male perspective, fits into a blog about feminism. However, feminism is not just about what women can do. It is about what all people can do. It is about equality, and it only works if we recognize the diversity within each category. If we allow women to do math, we must also allow men to draw without judging or making assumptions about their sexuality. By doing so, we give less power to the category and more power to the individual. This is the only way to achieve equality.


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