A Woman-Friendly Guide to Fashion


I am completely and utterly sick of fashion guides. So many of them claim that the only attractive figure is the hourglass and that all other figures should hide this or emphasize that until they achieve that ideal. This idea is even more ridiculous than the typical standards of beauty. As demonstrated by the celebrities above, each of the body types included in the average fashion guide can fit within these norms. While it is true that different figures look better in different clothes, it is not because one body is more or less flawed than the other. Rather, it is because those clothes were designed with a different figure in mind. That said, a fashion guide can be quite helpful so long as it is not designed to make its user feel flawed.

Fashion is exciting, not because of what it can hide, but because of what it can reveal. It is an avenue of expression that some have distorted in order to ostracize some and belittle others. To remedy this, I have created a woman-friendly guide to fashion. In this guide, you’ll learn what others love most about your body and what clothes fashion designers have created with your figure in mind. Enjoy!

If you’re like Kim Kardashian…

    • Your Body Traits: Your hips are wider than your shoulders. As a result, you have a round bottom and a well-defined waist.
    • Your Best Assets: Shoulders, torso, and flat stomach
    • Fashion Designed With You In Mind: Sweetheart necklines, ruching detailing along bust, bikinis with short-style briefs, retro-leg swimsuits, full skirts, bootcut jeans, camisoles, high-waisted skirts, flowing skirts

If you’re like Audrina Patridge…

    • Your Body Traits: Your chest and shoulders are large in proportion to your small waist and narrow hips.
    • Your Best Assets: Legs
    • Fashion Designed With You In Mind: V-neck tops, bikinis and halter tops with built-in support, bootcut jeans, ¾ sleeves, A-line skirts

If you’re like Natalie Portman…

    • Your Body Traits: Your should, hips, and waist are similar widths and are likely slim. You probably have an athletic look.
    • Your Best Assets: Arms and legs
    • Fashion Designed With You In Mind: Keyhole necklines, bandeau bikini tops, peplums, sweetheart necklines, almost any jeans, high necklines, loose tops, kaftans, “swing” tops, maxi skirts

If you’re like Jennifer Hudson… 

    • Your Body Traits: Your back, ribs, and shoulders are broad and you carry most of your weight above your waist.
    • Your Best Assets: Legs
    • Fashion Designed With You In Mind: V-neck tops, higher cut swimsuits, knee-length wrap dresses, bootcut jeans, structured blouses and jackets, ruffled skirts, flared skirts

If you’re like Beyonce…

    • Your Body Traits: Your shoulders and hips are similar in width and are contrasted by a little waist.
    • Your Best Assets: Curves
    • Fashion Designed With You In Mind: Scooped necklines, cut-out swimsuits, wiggle dresses, skinny jeans, fishtail skirts, cinched in waists

Note: This list only includes each figure’s best assets from one point-of-view. It does not even begin to cover all the lovable assets of your body or person in general.


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