Origins of the word ‘Cunt’.

In one of my other posts for this week, Sophia Wallace reveals that the majority of today’s profanity revolves around the female genitalia or the shame of being on the receiving end of male genitalia. Although each of these concepts should be neutral (if not positive), society has distorted the language around this subject to be something overwhelming negative. Realizing that this has not always been the case, Cherish the Cunt’s post introduces many of the theories revolving around the origin of the word “cunt,” including one describing it as both magical and all powerful.

Cherish The Cunt

When this campaign began I knew resolutely that I would use the word ‘Cunt’. It wasn’t so much a decision but a feeling like I had no choice. There simply wasn’t any other word that felt ‘right’. I’ve always liked the word ‘Cunt’ – coming from Ireland, we say it a lot more often that it’s said in the UK.  When I moved here, I began to notice the shocked reaction that I got when I casually said ‘Cunt’ . It was mainly from women. This intrigued me. Language is so interesting with it’s loaded history and resonance. Language is our thread to the past. It seems that the reasons why the word ‘Cunt’ is such a bad word are no longer in our consciousness. When I’ve questioned people about why they find it offensive they struggle to say why ‘IT JUST IS, RIGHT!” If everyone knew the wonderful and varied…

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