Feminist Spotlight: Kate Nash – “Stop Underestimating Teenage Girls”

Every celebrity has a sort of brand image, and Kate Nash’s image is one of the most dynamic I’ve seen. She is as fierce as she is girly and as cute as she is raw, but what makes her most relevant to this blog is her dedication to empowering girls.

Though I was already aware of the feminist focus in her songs and her presence online, I was still very much impressed when I got to see her in concert last week. One of her more notable tidbits surrounded her response to interviewers asking her if it bothered her that most of her fans were teenage girls. To that, Kate responded with a call to stop underestimating teenage girls. They’re smart and don’t need society telling them they’re not enough. Adding to that, one of the bands opening for her that night included girls as young as 14 years old, and Kate was more than willing to acknowledge them as her equal. Humanity is not a competition.

This understanding and appreciation for others is rooted in the peace Kate has found with herself. She firmly believes the reason she is where she is today is because she no longer cares about what society says she should do or who she should be. This idea is one she constantly promotes in order to challenge gender perceptions and inspire girls to participate in male-dominant fields, especially the music industry. To do this, she founded the Rock ‘N’ Roll for Girls Music Club, works with young self-harming women at The Wish Centre, and is a global ambassador for the Because I am a Girl Initiative.

Check Her Out: Below is a song that is not necessarily indicative of Kate’s usual style, but is definitely representative of her movement. Here, Kate references Gone with the Wind to inspire girls to be independent and respect themselves. “You know in Gone with the Wind at the end where she kills that guy and she goes off and says that speech, ‘I’ll never be hungry again,’ [and holds up] a turnip? It was like a really righteous moment. She was, like, ‘I’ll never be abused again.'”


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