Because Who Is Perfect?

While I was in college, I became really involved in disability advocacy. It taught me how valuable diversity is and how true it is that each person can add value to the world given the right opportunities. It also taught me how hard it is to achieve those opportunities when other people don’t believe you can and don’t even want you to believe that you can.

As feminists, we are already familiar with this idea. We know how limiting it can be when someone labels you according to something as arbitrary as gender. Unfortunately, these labels exist for each category outside the majority and are often just as limiting as gender norms. That’s why feminism, as a fight for equality, doesn’t make sense without advocating for all.

Everyone deserves to feel beautiful and worthy of his/her place in society. However, people with disabilities are often left out these ideals and are even excluded from mere representations of our society. Since they are a normal part of any society, it makes sense for them to be included in things like movies and the mannequins in store windows. However, we have obsession with ignoring diversity and pretending beauty only exists in one form. How ridiculous!

Silly media moguls, beauty is for everyone.


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