How We Value Breasts in the Media: Breasts and Breastfeeding



Last week, Gisele Bundchen posted a picture on Instagram that was meant to be a beautiful depiction of motherhood, but instead became the subject of much controversy. Known for promoting her own personal choices with motherhood, many interpreted Gisele’s photo as an attack on mothers who don’t breastfeed. To them, breastfeeding is an inaccessible luxury for a variety of personal reasons.

Although Gisele can breastfeed on the job, doing so in many workplaces and other public spaces is often considered inappropriate, leaving many women without the option. This, however, is not a reason to be mad at Giselle; instead, it is a reason to be frustrated with the social climate that only celebrates breasts in a sexual context.

While breasts are often a fun way to express a woman’s sexuality, they are much more than sexual objects. They provide a natural way of nurturing our young and, on top of that, are just another part of a woman’s body. As such, it should be her choice to present and use her breasts however she wants – regardless of how men and other women want her to do so. Breasts should be allowed to be nonsexual.



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