If you thought you couldn’t make a difference, think again.

Social media gets a lot of flack for destroying productivity and damaging interpersonal interaction. However, as many flaws as it may have, I am so thankful for the possibility it gives its users to shape the growth and development of our society. One of the ways this power has manifested itself is through Miss Representation’s #NotBuyingIt campaign. Since 2011, this hashtag has allowed twitter users to unite against sexist advertisements and let companies know that, without change, we’re #notbuyingit.

Here are some of the ways people made a difference simply by tweeting:


1. Disney pulled shirts that assumed girls can’t be heroes

After 1000 #NotBuyingIt tweets, Disney pulled the girls version of its hero tee, reading “I need a hero”….Maybe one day it’ll be so bold as to sell a girls version of its tee, reading “I am a hero.”


2. Harrods pulled books telling boys to be “clever” and girls to be “gorgeous”

“Good Morning! Please be advised that the children’s books that many of you have tweeted us about have been removed from our shelves…
We would like to apologise for any offence caused and assure you all that these books will no longer be sold at #Harrods.”


3. Amazon pulled t-shirts promoting violence against women

I can’t even believe these existed in the first place. SMH


4. go daddy stopped using absurdly sexist advertising

Ranking as the campaign’s all-time worst offender with 8,237 #notbuyingit tweets, Go Daddy finally decided it was time for change. To see its new advertisements that actually include some information about the product, check out the Go Daddy – Body Builder Commercial and the Go Daddy – Puppet Master Commercial.


5. Super bowl ads have become Generally less offensive

After the 2013 Super Bowl, in which over 10,000 #notbuyingit tweets reached over 8 million people, companies have started taking the hint that sexism doesn’t sell. Although not directly related to the Miss Representation campaign, this year’s Super Bowl was actually even progressive in some ways, including the airing of its first feminist advertisement. Check it out: GoldieBlox Commercial.


Let the Media Know: Sexism Doesn’t Sell


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