Female Olympic Athletes Show Off Their Bodies

There’s this idea that female athletes need to prove their femininity. They’re too strong, too athletic, and it is becoming too difficult to tell them apart from men.  Well, I have two responses to this.

First, if female athletes really are blurring the gender lines, maybe it’s time the competitions did the same. I know there are definitely sports that cater much more to a male physique than that of a woman and vice versa, but the constant separation of the sexes seems to be fueling the idea that men are necessarily more athletic than women.

Second, they are not there to look pretty! Those women earned their spots in the Olympics because of how talented they are. It doesn’t matter what they look like in a bikini. If you actually want to know how amazing their bodies are, watch them perform. It’ll tell you so much more than a naked print ad ever could.

Below are a few photos from this week’s games showing the true splendor of their bodies.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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