Challenging Gender Stereotypes One Stock Photo At A Time

Looking through a series of my little sister’s photos, my brother noticed she and her friends had taken several posed shots that were only designed to look candid. “It used to be that stock photos were designed to imitate life. Now, you take pictures to imitate stock photos!”

Social media has had a profound impact on our lives, including the emphasis we put on photos. It’s not enough to do something anymore; you have to have pictures. Otherwise, your life seems to pale in comparison to your peers.

With that in mind, Lean In and Getty Image’s recent attention to stock photos seems like a necessary investment. If one group of people is consistently represented in more exciting or note-worthy situations, it is easy to believe that group is more exciting and note-worthy. This problem has a remarkably simple fix and Lean In and Getty Images have teamed up to provide that solution through a collection of 2,500 stereotype-challenging stock photos.



















View the entire Lean In Collection.


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