Feminism: We’re Still Figuring It Out

Tavi Gevinson, as the founder and editor-in-chief of Rookie Magazine, allows women to be contradictions. Being a feminist, should mean the opposite of being put in a box. There are no rules on what you should like, how you should behave, or what you should do. Being a feminist, means embracing any of the opportunities of being a person that you choose. It means being dynamic, having flaws, and, most importantly, being free.

Below are just a few key points of her ideas. For the real thing, watch her TedX talk above, “Still Figuring It Out.”

  1. Strong Characters Are Dynamic, Not Perfect
  2. Women Are Crazy, Because People Are Crazy, and Women Happen To Be People
  3. Stop Underestimating Teenage Girls
  4. Feminism is a Discussion, Not a Rulebook
  5. We’re All Just a Bundle of Contradictions, Accept It

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