The Grass is Getting Greener for Body Positivism


Although Marilyn Monroe has been dead for years, her image is shared around social media with almost the same frequency as modern celebrities. In most cases, she is depicted alongside the thinnest modern celebrities in order to challenge what the posters believe to be the shift in sexiness from the 1950s to the modern era. In their opinion, we have created a society in which curves are increasingly under attack. However, these concerns might be misplaced. Diversity in celebrity appearances has never been more diverse.

Those posting such images believe Marilyn Monroe symbolizes a time in which curves were privileged over a tiny waist. However, this is far from the truth. Although Marilyn certainly had curves, she was no “big” girl. In fact, her waist has been reported as small as 22 inches, making her smaller than many of today’s celebrities and a size zero on most charts (at least in regard to her waist). The below image features Marilyn among 4 of today’s curvier celebrities. Almost all of them have larger measurements than she is recorded as having.


Though every women often feels as if her body isn’t appreciated by society, many of these concerns might just be in our heads. There are advantages to every body: small boobs are perky, big boobs are ample, butts are great to grab onto, and athletic legs are beautiful. However, nothing can make you look sexier than your own self-confidence.

Although the world could still use some maturing in how it values our bodies, it’s been a long time since the concept of beauty has been this open. Now, instead of a monotonous red carpet flooded with women who offer a balance of ample curves and a small waist, we have a more welcoming environment, in which Keira Knightley can stand next to Christina Hendricks and both beauties can be appreciated.

As a final demonstration of how open this definition has become, I’m including images of this year’s cover girls. Each of them offers a unique representation of beauty and more importantly a strength worth emulating. Everyone can be beautiful…you just have to empower yourself.


Ellen DeGeneres’ unique comedic voice has been charming audiences since her days in stand-up comedy. Ellen is currently the host of the award-winning daytime talk show The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Early in her career, she starred in her own sitcom, Ellen, and was the voice of Dory, a fish with extremely short-term memory, in the animated film Finding Nemo. Ellen is also deeply invested in humanitarian causes ranging from animal rights to global warming.


She’s been called “a different kind of diva” by Vogue Magazine and “a true visionary… one of the most important signings of my career” by Sean “Diddy” Combs. Janelle Monáe’s signature style and timeless confidence make her a true COVERGIRL through and through. From her Grammy-nominated album “The ArchAndroid” to her featured performance on Fun.’s “We are Young,” Janelle has been taking the music industry by storm while staying true to her own brand of beautiful.

Pat McGrath’s visionary makeup looks are a favorite among today’s top designers, models, and celebrities. She creates exquisite beauty looks for more than 25 catwalks every season, including Dolce & Gabbana, PRADA, Lanvin, Valentino, Louis Vuitton, and Stella McCartney.
In 2004, Pat became Procter & Gamble’s Global Creative Design Director. She leads the cosmetic division’s creative design and development, bringing fashion-forward runway looks to the masses.

NERVO, one of the hottest electronic dance music DJ duos in the world, are sisters Liv and Mim. The talented singers, hit songwriters, and trendsetting producers have toured the globe to open for big-name pop stars and perform at notable EDM festivals. NERVO made a historic debut as the only females voted onto the coveted DJ Mag 2012 Top DJ’s Poll. Fusing edgy fashion with fun, feminine makeup trends, Liv and Mim exude fierceness that empowers the next generation of COVERGIRLs.

This risk-taking rocker has been lighting up the music charts for years. From her first hit “There You Go” to her latest album “The Truth About Love,” P!NK’s fearless persona has captivated millions of fans. She embodies what it means to be a COVERGIRL through her edgy glamour and rock star confidence!

Award-winning actress, rapper, and producer Queen Latifah is one of entertainment’s top renaissance women and truly embodies what it means to rock your COVERGIRL. Starting with her breakout album All Hail the Queen in 1989, Queen Latifah has gone on to become one of the most sought-after artists and producers. She has also starred in dozens of movies, including Beauty Shop, Hairspray and Chicago. Adding to her already-impressive resumé, Queen Latifah recently debuted The Queen Latifah Show, a daytime talk-variety series that showcases her extraordinary range of talents.


One of the most noted actresses to emerge from Latin America, Sofia Vergara took Hollywood by storm, starring in critically acclaimed television shows and movies. From her early days as a television host in Latin America, to her star turn in recent years, Sofia has always exuded the confidence and beauty of a true COVERGIRL.


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